Taking Flight

Bidding good-byes are always tearful. October 18, 2020, was a difficult day. I had to say goodbye to a dream that I lived for over three months. A dream that taught me to be self-awared, to #JustStart, to learn from your failures, to be a lifelong learner, to be able to connect the dots, to be kind in good times, and to persevere in adversaries. I’ve lived a dream where I had unending support from a huge family - Our Batch 148 💞🍀 But is it really an end? For me, it is just the beginning!

Captured at Jatlan, Azad Kashmir

Serenity within diverse surroundings is what the above picture reflects which is synonymous with what I experienced in my first two weeks at our Amal Academy fellowship. Introduced to people from all over Pakistan; from Karachi to Peshawar; sharing different thoughts aligned together into one session. Mentally, this was a wholesome experience, quite similar to what you experience when you’re surrounded by nature. In my first week. I was introduced to the concept of safe space by our program manager which reduced the compatibility issues in the squad to minimal. Safe space allowed us to endorse each other’s diverse backgrounds…

According to the most recent data from the International Labor Organization, the world has made the least progress in protecting two of the most at-risk populations: children between the ages of five and 11, and young girls.

As the contemporary form of slavery continues to haunt such kids. Unfortunately, we individually cannot sustain a macro-level impact except that we can create a ray of hope for at least some kids who are willing to get rid of being enslaved and help them in breaking the chains of child labor. …

March 16, 2020, was the unfortunate day I was forced to leave my hostel as an unprecedented turn of events occurred across the globe. A lockdown was enforced due to the pandemic. Coming back home it was extremely difficult to adjust for someone who is used to residing amongst hundreds of residents at a Hostel. The first two months of the pandemic were way too uncomforting. I lost my job, I was already done with my thesis defense, I was literally clueless of what should I do with my life. It was the evening of June 14 and the time…

Procrastination can rob you of more opportunities than poor execution. You will continue to make excuses if you don’t find a reason to start now. I was an excutive chief personal of"procrastination" and "laziness". They both had a grip on my existence until I ate every bit of them from the root. I mean this was me before I was introduced to the Pomodoro Technique:

I’m finally free and the credit goes to Pomodoro Technique. So here’s how the technique actually works. Take a closer deep look at the picture below:

Being from Gujranwala I’ve analyzed that majority of the students even after graduating lack effective career planning… The Education system of our country is massively flawed, none of the Curriculums at any academic hierarchy focus primarily on the EQ ( Emotional Quotient) or Emotional Intelligence factor of the child. This results into a myriad number of students who each year fail to build an effective career or Unwillingly opt for a an academic career that they never liked… Hardly any of them know their true potentials even after doing a Masters Degree… This is because they are never fundamentally taught…

Orphans are arguably the most vulnerable, unattended and neglected portion of Pakistani society. A UNCEF report once estimated that roughly over 4.5 Million children in Pakistan are orphaned.

Regular instances of ethnic and sectarian killings, bombings and naturalcalamities including floods and earthquakes. Not only they’re deprived of basic education but the worst thing is they’re sexually abused in various cases and misused for child labor..

The State of Pakistan has only limited themselves to merely legislation when it comes to protecting the Orphans, there’s no practical implementation of the laws and in almost all cases such kids are left to…

Being an Old Ravian, you’re instinctively inclined towards Civil Service in Pakistan.. I’ve started growing this aspiration to secure in competitive exams (CSS/PMS) for past 2 years and I’ve been lately working over it since the pandemic started and I got more time to kill! I’ve worked on academic requirements needed for the Exams but I still believe I’m lacking serious essay writing and articulation skills for the competitive exams as well as Interview preparation for such exams.. …

In Pakistani society, You don’t really witness a single mother raising her kids on her own, that’s not a norm in our society… Our father abandoned us when I was just 4yo, My mother was a Primary School Teacher, back then she was the most educated woman amongst her family… Despite the fact that she had to raise 3 kids on her own, she never gave up… Whatever I’m today is the courtesy of countless sacrifices that my mother made throughout her life… Every Father’s Day, I wish her to the be the greatest father ever, Cus she fulfilled both…

Kindness is an inner desire that compels us do good things to others even if we don’t get anything in return.. For past 8 years I’ve been living a hostel life far away from my hometown Gujranwala, only during the recent pandemic that I managed to spend time with people back home.. Gujranwala is the land of Foodies, People here talk food, they walk food, they sleep food, Apparently everything around here revolves around Food and more Food… Basically our motto is

“Eat your pain away”.

Now the only act of kindness All these Foodies from Gujranwala will accept is ‘Food, Food and more Food’ 😄🥗🍕🍧🍨🥣

So here’s what I did in past 24 hours just as a gesture of kindness towards people i care about, that I haven’t been able to spend much time with over the past decade..

1. Made tea for the Family:

Hamid Jalal

Winter's child lost in the midst of an endless summer..

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